Australia Rugby League 1982


The Invincibles by Mark Flanagan is an enthralling account of the 1982 Australian Kangaroos rugby league team’s historic tour of Great Britain and France. The book captures the drama. Excitement. And camaraderie of a team that went undefeated throughout the tour, earning the nickname “The Invincibles.”

Australia Rugby League 1982

Flanagan takes readers on a journey through the team’s formation. Their rigorous training regime. And the unforgettable moments of the tour. He vividly describes the Kangaroos’ hard-fought victories over the British and French teams. Including their 40 points to 4 win over Great Britain in the first Test of the series.

The Invincibles Australia Rugby League

The Invincibles also delves into the personal stories of the players. Exploring their motivations, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Flanagan reveals the unique personalities of legends like Wally Lewis. Also, Mal Meninga. In addition, Brett Kenny, and the strong bonds they formed during the tour.

The 1982 Kangaroos. Coached by Frank Stanton dominated, winning both Test series against Great Britain (three Tests) and France (two Tests). Winning every match of the tour and earning the nickname The Invincibles. This was the first Kangaroo undefeated touring side winning twenty-two matches played and scoring 1,005 points. With 120 against at an average of 45.6 points per game while conceding only 5.4 points per game. The twenty-eight-player squad was captained by Max Krilich. With Wally Lewis his deputy.

Behind the Scenes of the 1982 Kangaroos Rugby League Team

In addition to the on-field action, Flanagan paints a vivid picture of the social and cultural context of the tour. He highlights the challenges the players faced off the field, including homesickness, cultural differences, and intense media scrutiny.

A Tribute

The Invincibles is a must-read for rugby league fans and sports enthusiasts alike. With its gripping narrative and fascinating insights into one of the greatest teams in rugby league history. Flanagan’s book is a fitting tribute to the Kangaroos’ remarkable achievement.

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