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Rugby World Cup France

Rugby World Cup France CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY ‘RUGBY WORLD CUP FRANCE’  BOOK PREVIEW Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of rugby. With "Rugby World Cup France 2023. The Official Book" by the esteemed author Simon Collings. This eagerly anticipated book promises to be the ultimate companion for rugby [...]

Rugby World Cup France2023-09-24T08:16:01+01:00

Rugby World Cup Moments

Rugby World Cup Moments CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY ‘RUGBY WORLD CUP MOMENTS’  BOOK PREVIEW In the world of rugby. There is no greater spectacle than the Rugby World Cup. Every four years, nations from around the globe gather to compete for the ultimate prize in rugby union. It's a tournament filled with passion and [...]

Rugby World Cup Moments2023-09-17T12:16:09+01:00

David Campese Australia Rugby

David Campese Australia Rugby David Campese. Often referred to as one of the greatest rugby players of all time, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Particularly in the Australian Wallabies jersey. His rugby career, which spanned over a decade, is a testament to his incredible talent, unmatched skill, and unwavering dedication to the [...]

David Campese Australia Rugby2023-09-15T19:08:55+01:00

England Rugby Union Clubs

England Rugby Union Clubs CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY ‘THE RUGBY CLUBS OF ENGLAND’  BOOK PREVIEW In "The Rugby Clubs of England" by Malcolm Crane. Readers are invited to embark on an exhilarating journey through the heart and soul of English rugby. This captivating book is a comprehensive exploration of the rich history. Also, the [...]

England Rugby Union Clubs2023-09-09T15:33:42+01:00

The Gladiators Rugby League

The Gladiators Rugby League CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY 'THE GLADIATORS RUGBY LEAGUE' BOOK PREVIEW In the annals of rugby league history, few moments resonate as profoundly as the iconic image of Norm Provan and Arthur Summons. Embracing each other after the 1963 Grand Final. It's a photograph that transcends sport,. Capturing the essence of [...]

The Gladiators Rugby League2023-09-03T06:20:12+01:00

Jonny Wilkinson England Rugby

Jonny Wilkinson England Rugby ENGLAND’S GREATEST RUGBY PLAYERS – JONNY WILKINSON Jonny Wilkinson's illustrious rugby career is nothing short of legendary. Leaving an indelible mark on the sport both nationally and internationally. Wilkinson's career can be defined by his exceptional prowess as a fly-half. His unrelenting work ethic. And his memorable moments on the pitch. [...]

Jonny Wilkinson England Rugby2023-08-31T12:29:43+01:00

Story of English Rugby

Story of English Rugby CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY ‘THE STORY OF ENGLISH RUGBY’  BOOK PREVIEW Dive into the rich history of one of the most iconic and storied sports in the world with "The Men in White: The Story of English Rugby”. By acclaimed sports historian Wallace Reyburn. This meticulously researched and engagingly written [...]

Story of English Rugby2023-08-27T08:46:53+01:00

Mal Meninga Australia Rugby League

Mal Meninga Australia Rugby League AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST RUGBY LEAGUE PLAYERS – MAL MENINGA Mal Meninga's illustrious career in Australia Rugby League is one that has left an indelible mark on the sport. Establishing him as a true legend and an iconic figure in the annals of rugby history. From his early days to his captaincy [...]

Mal Meninga Australia Rugby League2023-08-24T08:32:00+01:00

Rugby League in New Zealand

Rugby League in New Zealand CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY 'RUGBY LEAGUE IN NEW ZEALAND' A PEOPLE'S HISTORY BOOK PREVIEW Dive into the thrilling and often untold story of New Zealand's enduring love affair with rugby league. In Ryan Bodman's captivating book, "Rugby League in New Zealand: A People's History." With a meticulous blend of [...]

Rugby League in New Zealand2023-08-20T06:49:50+01:00

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