Castleford Rugby League Maestro Alan Hardisty

Author – Paul Hardisty

The team who were involved in the production of this personal rugby league book written by Paul Hardisty. Included Michael Hardisty, Ian Brown, Jenny Hardisty, and Alan himself.

A Castleford Rugby League Maestro of the 1960s and 1970s

Castleford Rugby League Maestro Alan Hardisty was one of the stars of rugby league during the 1960s and 1970s. In two tours ‘down under’ with Great Britain, Australians considered him, to be one of the best stand-offs’s the world of rugby league has ever seen. He formed one of the great half-back partnerships with Keith Hepworth and is known in his own right as a try scorer and king of the interception.

From his early life through to conquering the mighty Australia Rugby League Kangaroos

This book takes the reader through his life as a small boy in Castleford, through to a world star, with interviews from famous players such as Alex Murphy, Johnny Raper, and many of the squad that toured with Alan and Keith in 1970; the last British tour to win ‘down under’; John Atkinson, Derek Edwards, Dennis Hartley, Frank Myler, Roger Millward, Malcolm Reilly, and Alan Smith.

Why did he leave his beloved Castleford for Leeds?

What turns a talented schoolboy into a top-class player and captain of Great Britain? How did Castleford rise from rock bottom to become one of the best sides in the world during the 10 years that Alan was Captain, winning Challenge Cups and defeating Australia twice? What were games against Australia, New Zealand, and France really like in those days? Why did he leave Castleford under such a cloud for three unexpected years of success with Leeds, the become a championship-winning captain of the Headingley club, when his career was supposed to be over?

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