Garry Schofield Rugby League

Garry Schofield Rugby League GREAT BRITAIN’S GREATEST RUGBY LEAGUE PLAYERS – GARRY SCHOFIELD Garry Edward Schofield OBE is a legendary figure in the history of rugby league, known for his exceptional skills and contributions to the sport during the 1980s and 1990s. Let's delve into his illustrious career across various clubs and international stages. Early [...]

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New South Wales Rugby League Book

New South Wales Rugby League CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY – A THRILLING JOURNEY THROUGH NEW SOUTH WALES RUGBY LEAGUE HISTORY - BOOK PREVIEW "True Blue - The Story of NSW Rugby League" by Ian Heads delves deep into the heart of the New South Wales Rugby League. Tracing its origins from a clandestine meeting [...]

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Springboks Rugby Francois Pienaar

Springboks Rugby Francois Pienaar SOUTH AFRICA’S GREATEST RUGBY PLAYERS – FRANCOIS PIENAAR Jacobus Francois Pienaar, born in 1967, is a legendary figure in South African rugby history. Furthermore, his career spanned from 1993 to 1996, during which he captained the Springboks and led them to significant victories, most notably the 1995 Rugby World Cup triumph. [...]

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Australia Rugby Union Wallabies Book

Australia Rugby Union Wallabies CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY – THEY PLAYED FOR AUSTRALIA BOOK PREVIEW "They Played Rugby for Australia 2023 Edition" by Eric Lemon and Teejay Haar is a comprehensive compilation that delves into the rich history of the Australia Rugby Union (ARU) and its iconic team, the Wallabies. This meticulously researched book [...]

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Colin Meads All Blacks

Colin Meads All Blacks NEW ZEALAND’S GREATEST RUGBY PLAYERS – COLIN MEADS Colin Meads, a legendary figure in New Zealand rugby history, had a career that spanned from 1957 to 1971. During which he played 55 test matches and 133 games overall for the All Blacks. His impact on the sport was immense. Earning him [...]

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Lawrence Dallaglio England Rugby

Lawrence Dallaglio England Rugby CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY – DALLAGLIO'S RUGBY TALES - LAWRENCE DALLAGLIO ENGLAND RUGBY BOOK PREVIEW "Dallaglio's Rugby Tales: Legendary Stories of Blood, Sweat and Beers" by Lawrence Dallaglio offers a delightful peek into the world of international rugby, filled with anecdotes, wit, and camaraderie. Lawrence Dallaglio, a prominent figure in [...]

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England Rugby David Duckham

England Rugby David Duckham ENGLAND’S GREATEST RUGBY PLAYERS – DAVID DUCKHAM David Duckham MBE, born on June 28, 1946, in Coventry, Warwickshire, embarked on his remarkable rugby journey from a young age. Educated at Coundon Infant and Junior School and King Henry VIII Grammar School, Duckham displayed early promise and talent. Rise to International Fame [...]

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Ireland’s Greatest Rugby Players

Ireland's Greatest Rugby Players CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY – IRELAND'S GREATEST RUGBY PLAYERS RUGBY BOOK PREVIEW "Legends & Lions: Ireland's Greatest Rugby Players" by John White is a captivating ode to the remarkable athletes who have donned Ireland's green jersey. Through this book, readers are invited to delve into the rich history of Irish [...]

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Mark Graham New Zealand Rugby League

Mark Graham New Zealand Rugby League NEW ZEALAND’S GREATEST RUGBY LEAGUE PLAYERS – MARK GRAHAM Mark Graham, a luminary of New Zealand Rugby League, emerged as a dominant force in the sport during his illustrious playing career and continued to leave an indelible mark even after hanging up his boots. Early Career and Rise to [...]

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Dylan Hartley Northampton Saints

Dylan Hartley Northampton Saints CHILL-OUT SUNDAY THE ELLIS RUGBY – THE HURT -  DYLAN HARTLEY NORTHAMPTON SAINTS & ENGLAND RUGBY BOOK PREVIEW In "The Hurt," former England Rugby Union Captain Dylan Hartley delves into the brutal realities of rugby, portraying it as a sport that simultaneously nourishes the soul while inflicting significant physical and mental [...]

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