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Author – James Curran

James Curran is Professor of Modern History at Sydney University. The author of a number of books on Australian politics. And foreign policy. He is a foreign affairs columnist for the Australian Financial Review. And is writing a history of Australia—China relations. His poetry has been published in Meanjin and Quadrant. And his rugby writing in Midi-Olympique. Curran played rugby as a five-eighth. Mainly in the lower grades of the Sydney club competition in the early 1990s.

Campese – footloose, free-running rugby

In the 19805 and early 1990s. David Campese thrilled spectators both in Australia and overseas. With his footloose, crazy-brave style of free running. This book tells the story of his rise from humble beginnings. To the very top of a global sport.

The Bradman & Pele of Rugby – David Campese

As a rugby player. David Campese seemed to operate on cross-grained pure instinct. One that left many a defender clutching at him in vain. Stranded in the slipstream of his audacity. Hailed as the ‘Bradman of rugby’. By former Wallaby coach ‘Alan Jones. And the Pele’ of rugby by others. Campese was a match-winner.

The refrain ‘I saw Campese play’ now speaks to much more than wistful reminiscences about a player widely regarded as the most entertaining ever to play the game of Rugby Union. It has come to represent a state of chronic disbelief that the Wallaby ascendancy of Campese’s era has been seemingly squandered.

Outrageous Goosestep – he revolutionised the game

Campese occupies a unique intersection in rugby history. One of its last amateurs. And one of its first professionals. He had shown, too. That coming from outside the traditional bastions of rugby. The private schools and universities were no barrier to reaching the top. Indeed, he challenged that establishment. And unsettled it. Warning in the early 1990s that the code risked ‘dying’ if more was not done to expand its appeal.

David Campese revolutionised how the game was played and appreciated. His genius, most visibly manifest in his outrageous goosestep. Captured the national and sporting imagination. The rigid, robotic rugby of today appears incapable of accommodating a player of his dash and daring.

Veteran Sports Commentator – Gordon Bray commented

`David Campese could impact a rugby field. Like a shooting star in the night sky. And James Curran’s masterful account lifts us into that stratosphere … As a rugby entertainer and show stopper. Campese was simply the best. Finally, here is a book that does this one-off player justice.’

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Listen to the David Campese Podcast.

The twelfth episode of the Ellis Rugby Podcast. Ellis Rugby Founder Kevin Ellis interviews David Campese. He was a member of the first Australian side to defeat all four home nations achieving the Grand Slam. Against England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Also he was a Rugby World Cup winner in 1991. In addition, equal leading try-scorer with six. And was named “Player of the Tournament”. Furthermore. He won three Bledisloe Cups in 1986, 1992 & 1994. And won the Top 12 in Italy on five occasions. List LISTEN.