Ellis Rugby Canada Launch. The rugby heritage brand from the UK.

Ellis Rugby & Duggers from Ellis_Rugby on Vimeo.

Ellis Rugby Canada Launch Great Design & Quality Product for Canadian Market

Ellis Rugby, the rugby heritage brand has launched the label in Canada in early 2022. Also, with the assistance of Paul Alger MBE. The International Business Director at the UK Fashion & Textile Association. In addition, Ellis Rugby Founder Kevin Ellis was introduced to Toronto-based Fashionnet.

“In all honesty, we have never seen such outstanding design. And exceptional product quality in the styles offered by Ellis Rugby” commented, Jan Brabers, Fashionnet 

Following extensive research and market evaluation. A detailed plan was assembled which included wholesale and retail pricing. Along with retailer margins. The report clearly showed that the opportunities for both Canadian retailers and Ellis Rugby were substantial.

Adamsco Sales Agency chosen to represent Ellis Rugby Canada Launch

Next was a search to get a suitable business partner for Ellis Rugby. After a number of interviews of potential Agents and Distributors. It was evident that the Adamsco Sales Agency and Ellis Rugby were a suitable match.

“We really liked the brand. The pricing points worked. And we were delighted to be chosen to represent Ellis Rugby, despite the tough competition ” commented, Doug Adams, Adamsco Sales Agency 

Working closely with the Fashionnet team of Jan Brabers, Mark Boloten. And consultant Jeff Farbstein. Ellis Rugby and the Doug Adams Agency developed an initial launch collection for Canada.

Ellis Rugby – The Rugby Heritage Brand

The concept behind the launch range relates back to 1870. When the game of rugby was in its infancy and there were a number of different rules being played by teams. So, on the 26th January 1871. A meeting attended by representatives of 21 clubs was held in London. At the Pall Mall Restaurant on Regent Street. Ironically, this building is now the home of the Canadian Embassy in London.

The ’21 Club’ fashion collection from Ellis Rugby. Gains inspiration from this historic event which fashioned the game of Rugby Football. While many of these founder clubs subsequently disbanded. The Ellis Rugby 21 Club Collection brings these clubs back to life to form an exciting range of contemporary fashion wear.

Great Start – Sales from Classic Retailers

The brand has made an immediate impact and stores the quality of. – Reg Wilkinson, Barbuti and Benjamins. Also, Ed’s Fine Imports, Pony Club and Hole in the Wall have already secured their orders and more are following.

“I’m delighted with the progress made by Doug and his team. The collection works well for retailers on a number of levels. The designs have a genuine heritage concept and the story is told through packaging and hangtags, but also via our unique ‘Story-Teller’ video microchip with is included in every garment. This is accessed by a mobile phone, without the need for any fancy App either” Explained, Ellis Rugby Founder, Kevin Ellis 

The first store to instantly see the potential for Ellis Rugby was the family-owned business, Duggers Men’s Wear.

Duggers Menswear and Ellis Rugby Canada Launch

Dugger McNeil will be remembered by some for his talents on the ice. Playing for the Montreal Canadiens organization. And later coaching local teams here on the east coast. During the off-season, he would come home to sell men’s clothing. And in 1971 opened a business of his own.

Now owned by Dugger’s son Ross. They offer a full retail experience. Not only are the clothing and shoe collections the store offer is outstanding. But you can also grab a coffee or enjoy your favourite refreshment.

Innovative retailing by Duggers. One of the finest Menswear retailers on the East Coast. Combined with Ellis Rugby a brand with heritage, style, and quality.

“We see huge potential in Ellis Rugby . And following Doug’s presentation, it was a simple ‘yes’. My dad played ice hockey from Montreal Canadiens. So we understand the links between sports and fashion. You only need to look at Polo and Ralph Lauren to see how they work together” Commented Ross McNeil, Duggers Owner.

Also, for further information on Ellis Rugby in Canada. Please contact Doug Adams at the Adamsco Sales Agency on 289 388 9593 or email: [email protected]