Ellis Rugby Care Guide


Here’s a guide to looking after your Ellis Rugby garments. It’s unlikely you’ll follow all these suggestions, but by just introducing a few to your routine you’ll not only retain the crisp clean look, but your Ellis Rugby clothes will also last longer.

Where do you store your Ellis Rugby clothes?

Do you have a habit of storing everything crammed in a dresser? Or worse, in a pile on a piece of furniture? Then your clothes might develop wrinkles and folds that even steaming and ironing can’t get out.

Some say that all you need to do is take your clothing to the dry cleaners. But, consider this: Chemicals that aren’t great for the environment are still involved in the process of cleaning your clothing, and think of the costs. Instead, the key – and one leading to fewer trips to the cleaners – is establishing rules for maintaining your clothing long-term.

Here’s how you can get started:

Ellis Rugby Care Guide – Brushing your clothes

Any garments collect particles throughout the day and get embedded in its fabric. As a simple solution, take a soft-bristled brush and go over the surface of your shirt or clothing, each time after you’ve worn it. This helps dislodge any particles lingering on the fabric and keeps the material looking fresh.

Storage environment

Storage environment can have the greatest impact on what your clothes look like. When it comes to your wardrobe at home, you want to aim for cool, dry, and dark. Secondly, don’t go cheap on the hangers. Wire hangers can create creases in certain types of materials, including cotton.

Instead, a wider design with more body, like a wooden or even plastic hanger, is less likely to leave an imprint you can’t iron out. At the same time, any hanger you select needs to be at the right width for your shirts. Otherwise, the garment becomes stretched and wrinkled in these areas.

Ellis Rugby Care Guide – Washing & drying care guide

The more you wash your garment, the more likely it is to show premature signs of wear. Don’t overwash and follow the instructions on the care label, making sure you don’t exceed the recommended temperature. After washing, re-shape the garment whilst damp and leave it to dry on a rack away from direct heat. Don’t hang over a radiator or tumble dry, as it may shrink or harden the fabric.

Limit ironing

For getting out wrinkles and folds, steaming your clothing is preferred to ironing. Dry ironing, specifically, is ineffective and, in fact, may end up partially melting the surface of your clothing. Instead, use a steam iron, or sprinkle your garment with water. The best results are achieved by ironing on the reverse which protects your garment from potential scorching. Also, it will require fewer passes to get your garments looking crisp and exposes them to less heat overall.

The Ellis Rugby Care Guide

We genuinely care about our products and want them to last for years and years. By following these simple rules you’ll help retain the classic style and quality of Ellis Rugby.

Read more on the history of our shirts on the Ellis Rugby Blog. Here’s a great article in the New York Times about garment care.