Ellis Rugby Formation 1871


It was a few years back the NFL agreed a $765m settlement deal. With a group of more than 4,500 former players who were suing the league on the grounds that it misled them over the long-term dangers of head injuries. Legal action in the UK is also in the process relating to players of both codes of rugby. Both Rugby Union & League and also Football.

Player Welfare leading to Rugby Formation in 1871

Player welfare has been at the heart of the game since its formation. In fact, it was a fatal accident to a Richmond member in one of the practice games in 1870 that resulted in a movement to make the game safer.
It was about the same time. A letter appeared in The Times, written by ” A Surgeon “. Who gave a list of cases he had attended following games of football at Rugby School. These included.  “One boy with his collarbone broken. Another with a severe injury to the ankle. A third with a severe injury to the knee. And two others sent home on crutches.”

A Ban on Hacking in Rugby in 1871

Most of these injuries. Rightly or wrongly, were attributed to the practice of hacking. And most of the London newspapers as well as The Lancet quoted The Times letter. And more or less demanded that this feature of Rugby football should be abolished without further delay.
Four years earlier. The Richmond club. And especially Edwin Ash and the captain, E. C. Holmes, had realised the extent to which unnecessary hacking was standing in the way of the Rugby game’s advancement.
Resolutions to the effect were passed. And copies were sent to London clubs with the declaration that Richmond would decline to play in any match in which the proposed new rules were not observed.

A Letter sent to 21 Rugby Clubs in 1871

A letter was sent to rugby clubs within the London area. They requested that all clubs playing the Rugby game will join with them in forming a code to be generally adopted.  This letter is dated December 24th, 1870. Undoubtedly brought about the famous meeting of January 26th, 1871, at the Pall Mall Restaurant.

The Meeting that inspired the Ellis Rugby Formation 1871 Clothing Collection

Twenty-one clubs were represented and thirty-two people were present at the meeting. There would have been one more but for a misunderstanding over the time and place which deprived the Wasps of a chance to become an original founder club.
E. C. Holmes was made chairman. And the meeting was so unanimous that, within two hours, a Union was formed. And the fact duly recorded in black and white. Membership was to cost five shillings and the annual subscription was made the same sum.

Ellis Rugby Formation 1871 Clubs brought back to life through designs

Eight of these founder members of the Rugby Football. Are still in existence. They are Blackheath, Richmond, and Civil Service. Also, Wellington College, Guy’s Hospital, and Harlequins. In addition, King’s College and St. Paul’s School.
The thirteen disbanded immortal clubs were Ravenscourt Park, West Kent, and Marlborough Nomads. Also, Wimbledon Hornets, Gipsies, Law, Flamingoes, and Clapham Rovers. In addition, Queen’s House, Lausanne, Addison, Mohicans, and Belsize Park.

Is Rugby History repeating itself?

As this blog article details. Adaptions of the laws of the games have been made regularly to make it safer for the players. There’s little doubt over the next few years further rule changes and protocols will be implemented.
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