England Rugby John Pullin


John Pullin was a legendary rugby player who represented England in international rugby union. And also played for the British Lions rugby team. He was born on 1st November 1951 in Gloucestershire. He started playing rugby when he was just a teenager and quickly showed his talent on the field.

England Rugby John Pullin Strengths

Pullin played as a hooker and was known for his physicality. Also, his endurance. And tenacity. He was a fearless player who always put his body on the line for his team. He made his debut for the England national team in 1966 . And went on to win 42 caps for his country over the course of his career. Pullin also captained the England team on several occasions. Including during the Five Nations tournament in 1973.

England & British Lions Rugby

In addition to his success with the England team. Pullin also had a distinguished career with the British Lions. He was first called up to the squad in 1968 and went on to tour with the Lions four times. Playing in a total of 31 matches. Then, in an eighteen-month period. He captained England to victories over South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The first time a European national captain had ever done this. South Africa were beaten at home 18–9. Also, at Ellis Park in 1972. In addition, Australia defeated by 20 points to 3 at Twickenham. Finally, then New Zealand 16–10 in Auckland. Pullin proved to be a talisman for defeating the All Blacks as in the same year. He was also in the Barbarians side that defeated the All Blacks 23–11.

England v Ireland Rugby 1972

Pullin was also the England captain who took England to Ireland after both the Welsh and Scots had refused to play their 1972 Five Nations matches in Dublin. Because of the Troubles. Of the 18–9 defeat suffered at the hands of the Irish. He later said, to great acclaim at a post-match dinner – “We’re not much good but at least we turned up”. Pullin’s speech has become part of rugby folklore. And features as the title of the film The Team That Turned Up.

England Rugby John Pullin Beat the Big Three Nations

He is the first of four England captains to lead and beat all of the “Big Three” Southern Hemisphere sides. Australia. Also, New Zealand. In addition, South Africa. He also won 7 full caps for the British & Irish Lions. And has the distinction of having beaten the All Blacks with three different sides. England, the Lions and the Barbarians.

In conclusion. John Pullin was a remarkable rugby player who achieved great success both on and off the field. His dedication to the sport and his incredible talent have made him a legend of the game. And his contribution to the England national team and the British Lions will always be remembered. His legacy is an inspiration to rugby players around the world. And his memory will continue to be celebrated by fans of the sport for generations to come.

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