France Rugby History Book. Un coq en hiverS A Rooster in Winter by Pascal Fournioux.

Pascal Fournioux – Author

Pascal Fournioux was a former France university international in XIII. He was then made technical executive for the federation of rugby in XIII.

Jacques Merquey – Preface

The preface is written by the legendary Jacques Merquey. Who was an international in both codes and played for Avignon. Merquey was a dual-code rugby international. He started in union. But he played the vast majority of his career in rugby league. He played his club rugby league for Marseille, Sporting Olympique Avignon XIII, and Lezignan. Becoming the most capped International, with 37 games for France. Merquey is the only Frenchman to play in the first three successive World Cups. This was in 1954, 1957 and 1960.

France Rugby History Book. Un coq en hiverS A Rooster in Winter by Pascal Fournioux. Book Preview.

This book is currently for French speakers. Written in French, and a really interesting writing approach by Pascal Fournioux. The two major forms of rugby in France, rugby league and rugby union, have had mixed fortunes for many decades. Their performances at the world level testify to a lack of consistency and sometimes of commitment that cannot be denied. Even if the latest results suggest better days ahead.

Inspired by Pascal Fournioux traveling around the rugby world

Through his travels, Pascal Fournioux has many knowledgeable and experienced rugby friends. In the games of both Rugby League and Rugby Union. Both in France and Australia. Using his own career in the game Pascal offers his thoughts on how France could have a great rugby future.
The book is written in an innovative and amusing style. It features a dialogue between two fictitious friends but is based on real experiences. It’s a mixture of a travelogue, a sports history book combined with Pascal’s own unique experiences.

France Rugby History Book. Un coq en hiverS A Rooster in Winter. Written in a witty, yet serious style.

Serious and humorous at the same time. The story includes strange rugby connections and encounters inspired by the author’s travels around the world. Here is a novel about the oval ball. Both in Australia, France, and throughout his travels throughout the world!

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