France Rugby League World. In their glory days of the 1950s, France Rugby League had much to crow about. All 62 matches, 1951 to 1960 covered. Includes selective pen pictures of the great players and complete career statistics.

Author Roger Grime

By Roger Grime, this large book of over 350 pages and several hundred photos recalls the story of the French national team throughout a golden decade. Based on contemporary French reports and articles, it takes English speakers into the world of French Rugby League like never before.

Here’s the France Rugby League World. Still Crowing. Book Preview  –

The glorious 1950s saw French Rugby League’s household names clash with the game’s super-stars in thrilling encounters world-wide. The first-ever Rugby League World Cup in 1954. The memorable series win in Australia in 1955. Then back down-under for the Rugby League World Cup in 1957. Then the epic win in Sydney, against the odds, to draw the Test series in 1960. Still Crowing is a veritable Who’s who of Rugby League’s immortals.

You have only to look back at the scenes in Marseille in September 1951, when the Tricolours were welcomed home from a Test series triumph in Australia by an estimated 500,000 delirious fans, to realise that this was the pinnacle of French Rugby League.

This Golden Age introduced a new team of stars to the French public that had drawn a Test series against the all-conquering Australians in their own back-yard. And this was in addition to the successful France Rugby League tourists of 1955 who won the series 2 to 1 against the Kangaroos.

France Rugby League World. Still Crowing – Glory Years

French Rugby League didn’t perhaps take advantage of the first Rugby League World Cup in 1954, but there is little doubt the great achievements of the years from 1951 to 1960 the game in France was exceptionally strong.

The key factors of this success was also influenced by the French press who were keen to cover the game of the major cities in France. Marseille, Lyons, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Avignon, Perpignan and Paris all had strong Rugby League teams. But, perhaps the strongest at the time was the great Carcassonne team. The club featured a star-studded line up which included Puig-Aubert, Ponsinet, Mason, Gilbert Because, Martin and Teisseire.

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