London Irish Rugby Book


Discover the untold legacy of London Irish Rugby through the compelling narrative of Paddy Lennon’s meticulously researched book, ‘London Irish: 125 Years of Passion in Exile.’ Lennon, a revered figure with an illustrious 50-year association with the club, unveils a captivating 380-page coffee table masterpiece filled with never-before-seen photographs and priceless memorabilia.

Elegant publication for London Irish Rugby fans

Despite challenges faced by the professional club, Vision Sports Publishing courageously champions this project, proceeding with publication amid financial uncertainties. Each copy, housed in an elegant, embossed slipcase, is a limited edition numbered between 1 and 500, making it a coveted collector’s item for enthusiasts of London Irish Rugby.

The Club’s history and origins

Delve into the heart of the club’s history, illuminated by Lennon’s narrative prowess, revealing hitherto undisclosed origins and showcasing the vibrant personalities, both on and off the field, that have indelibly shaped London Irish over the decades. Lennon’s decade-long quest to unearth historical artifacts, such as the inaugural season’s honor cap, enriches this treasure trove of sporting heritage.

The Stories Behind the Competition

But this book is more than just a visual spectacle. Gallagher’s insightful commentary and anecdotes provide context and depth to each photograph. Allowing you to delve into the drama. Also the triumphs. In addition, the heartbreaks that have shaped the tournament. It’s a comprehensive narrative that will satisfy both rugby aficionados and newcomers to the sport.

Profits donated to Amateur Club’s Injured Player Fund

Moreover, this commemorative endeavor isn’t just a testament to the club’s legacy; it’s also a noble cause. A portion of the book’s sales will be allocated to support the Amateur Club’s Injured Player Fund and the esteemed London Irish Foundation, contributing to the thriving community that embodies the spirit of London Irish Rugby.

London Irish: 125 Years of Passion in Exile

Embark on this poignant journey chronicling 125 years of triumphs, trials, and unwavering passion encapsulated within the pages of ‘London Irish: Passion in Exile.’ Experience the legacy, celebrate the heritage, and become a part of the enduring story that defines London Irish Rugby.

Where to Buy?

Grab your copy and immerse yourself in the captivating tale of determination, resilience, and unyielding devotion to the game that transcends time – a tribute to the undying spirit of London Irish Rugby.

Available from VSP HERE.

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