London Rugby Club History


If you like historical rugby books, then there is no better than this exceptional publication. London’s Oldest Rugby Clubs.

London Rugby Club History.

What will always link Wasps inextricably with the Old Merchant Taylors’? Why did up-market Hampstead become up-market Harlequins? Who came first —London Irish, London Scottish, or London Welsh? Which clubs did P.G. Wodehouse, James Robertson Justice, and the Beamish brewing family play for? Which club inspired Michael Green’s book ‘The Art of Coarse Rugby’? Whatever happened to Lausanne, Queen’s House, and the Gipsies? Why were the German Gymnastic Society based in King’s Cross?
You’ll find the answers to these questions, and many more, in London’s Oldest Rugby Clubs. A comprehensive guide to those capital pioneers of the Union game that are over one hundred years old.

The Author Dick Tyson

Dick Tyson spent nearly 35 years making advertisements in various London advertising agencies before starting on this book in 2004.
Rugby football is his passion; he tries to see a match every weekend in the winter. He is just as happy to watch an Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey, or National League clash as he is to watch a Premiership game. He is an erstwhile member of two of the clubs that feature in this book. Ravens and Saracens. And he is still a Saracens shareholder,
If Dick lived in Surrey he would definitely join the friendliest club that he had the pleasure of visiting in the course of researching this book the Old Whitgiftian RFC. Dick is also a member of Middlesex CCC and is partial to watching the odd game of cricket in the summer.

What the Club’s said about this London Rugby Club History Book

`Thank goodness that someone with your knowledge, experience, and credibility has taken charge of this excellent project” Ivor Montlake, Wasps Football Club.
“It looks fantastic and we are proud to be part of your work” Giles Simons, Old Blues Rugby Football Club.
“Excellent and fascinating” Ashley Silverton, Old Leysian Football Club.

“Very impressive” Charlie Addiman, Rosslyn Park Rugby Football Club.

“Absolutely fantastic and very well received” Lieutenant Colonel David Edmondson, Royal Military Academy Rugby Football Club.

Where to buy?

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