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The France Rugby Shirt Collection

The France Rugby Shirt Collection by Ellis Rugby. Each item of clothing found in this collection is designed with inspiration drawn from the history of Rugby in France.

French Rugby History

Learning the Game

Rugby was first introduced to France in 1872 by the English. The sport soon gained popularity in France resulting in the French capital, Paris, being home to 3 different Rugby Football Clubs by 1888. Rugby Football’s early success in France was helped by promotion of the sport within the country. This was done because Rugby was seen as a way to strengthen the young male population. Rugby was most popular in the south-west of France.

French Rugger Front Image

The Ellis Rugby French Rugby Jersey

The first ever French Test match took place on January 1st 1906 against the visiting All Blacks. In their first Test match France were beaten 38 – 8 by New Zealand. March 1906 saw France face England in an international Rugby game for the first time. This game ended in a 35 – 8 England victory. France visited England for the first time in 1907 to play their first international Rugby match away from home soil. The game saw France lose 31 – 13 to England.

France played numerous Rugby matches against the home nations, steadily improving their playing. In 1910 the Home Nations Championship was expanded to include France. The championship was also renamed the Five Nations.

The Five Nations

In their first Five Nations Campaign France finished bottom of the table having failed to win a single game. The 1911 Championships would prove to be more successful for France. That year they finished fourth with 3 points after beating Scotland.

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