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The Scotland Rugby Shirt Collection

The Ellis Rugby Scotland Rugby Shirt Collection. A range of quality clothing that is designed with inspiration drawn from the history of Rugby in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby History

Introduction of Rugby

A number of different forms of ball games had taken place in Scotland previously, Edinburgh Academy was the first to use Rugby rules in 1851. Although Rugby Football was popular among schools the game was struggling outside of them. During the 1880’s there was only ever 8 clubs that were recognised as playing Rugby Football. However, from the mid 1860’s Rugby games between these clubs were beginning to occur more frequently.

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The Ellis Rugby Scottish T-Shirt

Scotland participated in their first international game in March 1871. Not only was this Scotland’s first game it was also the first international Rugby match to ever take place. The game drew a crowd of 4,000 and ended in Scottish victory.

1873 saw the foundation of a Rugby Union in Scotland, however in Scotland Rugby was simply known as Football until the 20th Century. The new Union was therefore titled the Scottish Football Union. The Rugby Football Union had governed Rugby in Scotland before the SFU. The Scottish Football Union was renamed the Scottish Rugby Union in 1824.  Together with Ireland and Wales, Scotland was a founding member of the International Rugby Board in 1886.

In 1879 the Calcutta Cup could be won for the first time between Scotland and England. The Calcutta Rugby Club had given the cup to the Rugby Football Union after the club was disbanded. The cup was made from the money withdrawn from the clubs bank account and is contested for every year by Scotland and England during the Six Nations Championship (previously the Five Nations and Home Nations).

Having played international matches on land at Inverleith since 1897 the Scottish Football Union bought land at Murryfield in 1922. The first Rugby match to take place at Murrayfield was against England on March 21 1925. That year also featured Scotland reaching their first Grand Slam win in the Five Nations Championship.


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The Ellis Rugby Scottish Rugger

The first international game to take place at Murrayfield after the war was against Wales in February 1947. The first international back saw Scotland lose 8 -22. Murrayfield however had fallen into a state of disrepair during the war. It was also a constant battle to keep the pitch in a suitable condition to play on due to the weather in Scotland. An undersoil heating system was installed in the 1950’s to help keep the playing surface in a usable condition.

Scotland’s first championship success after the war would take place until 1984 when they won a Grand Slam victory in the Five Nations Championship. Scotland would repeat this achievement in the 1990 Five Nations.

The Rugby World Cup in 1987 saw Scotland finish second in their pool after 2 wins and a draw with France. Scotland faced New Zealand in the quarter finals. The quarter final ended in a 30 – 3 defeat for Scotland. New Zealand went on to win that years Rugby World Cup while Scotland went home.

After a Grand Slam win in the 1990 Five Nations Championship, Scotland were looking for a successful 1991 Rugby World Cup. Scotland finished top of their pool after beating Japan, Zimbabwe and Ireland. Western Samoa was the opponent for the quarter finals; Scotland won the game 28 – 6 putting them in a semi-final with England. England would emerge victorious from the semi-final, leaving Scotland to play New Zealand to decide who would finish third. Scotland’s final game of the 1991 Rugby World Cup ended in a 13 – 6 win for New Zealand leaving Scotland to finish that years World Cup in fourth place.

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The Ellis Rugby Scotland Polo Shirt

The Professional Era

The 1995 Rugby World Cup once again saw Scotland finish second in their pool. A quarter final match against New Zealand was on the cards. The quarter final game ended 48 – 30 to New Zealand.

Scotland were in fine form heading into the 1999 Rugby World Cup having won the Five Nations Championship earlier in the year. Scotland are the last country to win the Five Nations Championship as Italy joined in 2000 and the Five Nations became the Six Nations Championship. South Africa beat Scotland in their first pool game of the 1999 Rugby World Cup. The Scottish team went on to win matches against Spain and Uruguay, resulting in Scotland finishing second in their pool. Scotland’s quarter final was once again against New Zealand, the All Blacks sent Scotland home after winning the quarter final 30 – 18.

The 2003 Rugby World Cup was held in Australia and featured Scotland finishing second in their pool with 3 wins and 1 loss. In the quarter finals Scotland faced hosts Australia, the match ended in 33 – 16 Australian victory. In the Rugby World Cup of 2007 Scotland finished second in their pool again. This time Scotland’s quarter final match was against Argentina. Argentina won the quarter final game 19 – 13.

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The Vintage 6 Nations T-Shirt

2011 was a bitter disappointment for Scotland, finishing third in their pool of that years Rugby World Cup. They had missed out on a quarter final spot but had qualified for the next Rugby World Cup in 2015. The 2015 Rugby World Cup featured a better showing from Scotland with the team finishing second in their pool and progressing into the quarter finals. Scotland’s quarter final match against Australia was tight, Australia however emerged as winners in a thrilling 35 – 34 game.

Scotland is the only one of the home nations that is yet to win the Six Nations Championship after 6 England victories, 4 Wales victories and 3 Ireland victories.

The Scotland Rugby Shirt

The Scotland Rugby Shirt is traditionally a navy colour, however there have been instances in history where more adventurous designs have been used. For example, the colour Purple was added to the Scotland Rugby Shirt in 1998 – 2000 when the shirt was produced by Cotton Oxford.  The first sponsor to appear on the Scotland Rugby Shirt was The Famous Grouse in 1994; this sponsorship is the longest running in World Rugby, lasting 17 years.

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