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The Canada Rugby Shirt Collection

The Ellis Rugby Canada Rugby Shirt Collection. A collection of quality garments, each designed with inspiration drawn from the history of Rugby in Canada. Check out our Canadian Rugby clothing by clicking on the images below.

The Early Years of Canadian Rugby

The introduction of Rugby Football to Canada took place in the early 1960’s. The first recognized game of Rugby in Canada took place in 1864 in Montreal between men in the Artillery.

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The Ellis Rugby Canadian Rugger

Rugby Football soon gained popularity in Canada. The publishing of the first set of rules for Rugby in Canada took place in 1864. In addition the first Canadian Rugby Club was formed in 1868, this club was titled the Montreal Football Club. 1874 was the year that Canada participated in their first international Rugby match.

The formation of a number of Rugby Clubs happened during the 1880’s and 90’s. During this time period the formation of some Rugby Unions in Canada took place. Originally different provinces had their own Rugby Unions to govern the sport in their area. Rugby continued to grow in Canada until 1914 when the growth suddenly stopped. This was because of the outbreak of the First World War.

During the war no major Rugby games took place in Canada. Rugby was kept alive during the war as it was used as a way of boosting morale. After the war had ended Rugby in Canada continued to grow with the formation of the Rugby Union of Canada taking place in 1929. Following the formation of the Rugby Union of Canada, the first Canadian representative team set out on an international tour. This tour took place in 1932 with the Canadian side touring Japan. The tour consisted of seven games, Canada won 5 and lost 2.

Post First International Tour

During World War II Rugby followed a similar pattern to what it had done during the First World War. With only a handful of games taking place and the sport being used as a way to boost morale.

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The Ellis Rugby Canadian T-Shirt

Just before World War II Provincial Rugby Unions began to regain popularity over the Rugby Union of Canada. In order to combat this the Rugby Union of Canada was reformed in 1965. The Canadian Rugby Union was incorporated in 1974. The Union, known as Rugby Canada, is still the administrative body for Rugby in Canada today.

Since 1974 Canada has often been a feature on the international stage. They have participated in all of the Rugby World Cups since its inception in 1987. Canada’s best performance in the Rugby World Cup was when they reached the quarter finals in 1991. They are yet to match this result.

The Canadian National Junior team was formed in 1982. The first international match played by the Canadian National Junior team was against a touring Japanese Junior side. Canada was victorious over Japan with the final score 18 – 6.

Since the first international junior game a number of different matches featuring the Canadian National Junior team have taken place. This includes three encounters with Wales as well as tours of England and Germany in 1995 and 1997 respectively. 1998 was the first time that Canada participated in the FIRA/IRFB World Youth Championships. On their first attempt at the championships they finished fourth. Canada has become a world leader in Junior Rugby with a variety of National Programs catering for all ages and genders.

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The Ellis Rugby Canadian Polo Shirt

Women’s Rugby in Canada

Canada is not only a world leader in Junior Rugby. It has also played a major role in the development and promotion of Women’s Rugby. Women’s Rugby first began in Canada during the 1970’s. The 1980’s saw huge strides forwards fro the game with championships beginning to be held by 1983. The first official Women’s Rugby National Championship took place in 1987.

The first Women’s international in Canada took place in on 14 November 1987 against USA. Since that first match the Canadian Women’s team have played more than 100 international games. In addition they have participated in every Women’s Rugby World Cup since 1991. To date Canada’s best performance in the Women’s Rugby World Cup is finishing as runners up in the 2014 championships.

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