Ellis Rugby Classic Range

Ellis Rugby Classic Range. The Ellis Rugby brand was created by founder Kevin Ellis. A former professional rugby player. At the same time as developing his sporting career. He also worked in the design and advertising industry. It was this environment that developed his creative passion. Which he combined with his love of rugby to develop Ellis Rugby.

The history of rugby also fascinated Ellis. And the more he researched the game, the more wonderful stories he uncovered of the great players, teams, characters, and historical events. The rugby heritage is important to Ellis as he strives to develop Ellis Rugby commercially. And still retain its authenticity. Born and raised in the North of England. In the County of Yorkshire Ellis was exposed to both codes of rugby. Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Ellis Rugby is defined by its excellence and craftsmanship. And with Ellis leading the brand is set on leaving a mark. The collection includes styles manufactured from 100% soft touch, peach finish cotton. Also, the Polos, Rugby Shirts, and T-Shirts include a stylish garment backdrop. In addition, herringbone side vents and a half-moon neck drop. This ensures the neck label stitching doesn’t show through the back. Ellis Rugby Hoodies and Sweatshirts include our unique fleece-lined finish. Also,  heavy-duty rib cuffs.

Today, Ellis Rugby boasts collaborations with like-minded partners. In both codes of rugby throughout the world. And also quality menswear retailers.
In addition, the Ellis Rugby Classic Range includes the usual high-quality production combined with simple subtle logo embroideries.

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