Hull FC Rugby League Shop.

Hull FC Rugby League was one of the founding members of the Northern Rugby Football Union. Which was formed in 1895 in Huddersfield. Making them one of the world’s first twenty-two rugby league clubs. Later that year they moved to the Hull Athletic Club’s ground at the Boulevard, Airlie Street. Which gave rise to their nickname the “Airlie Birds” (Early Birds). Traditionally people from the west side of Hull support Hull F.C. While Hull Kingston Rovers are supported by the east half. The border is the River Hull.

Old Faithful is a traditional Hull F.C. terrace song. Their mascot is the “Airlie Bird”.
The club was formed in 1865 by a group of ex-schoolboys from York. Most notably Anthony Bradley, Who had been at Rugby School. The founders used to meet at the Young Men’s Fellowship, at St Mary’s Church, Lowgate. The vicar at that time was Reverend Scott. And his five sons made up the nucleus of the team. The club immediately took on members who were plumbers and glaziers. Soon another team, Hull White Star, was formed and the two clubs merged.
The garments in this Hull FC Rugby League Shop are to celebrate the great Hull FC Player Johnny Whiteley. Who was inducted into the Rugby League Hall of Fame.

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