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The Rugby Jerseys Collection

Find all of our Rugby Jerseys in one place. The Rugby Jerseys Collection is home to all of our quality vintage style Ruggers. Inspiration for the design of each Jersey has been drawn from the wonderful game of Rugby Football.

Inspiration for the designs of our Rugby Jerseys range from individual players to entire squads. This includes players such as C.N. Lowe and the Great Britain Rugby League World Cup squad of the late-1980s.

All of our Rugby Jerseys are manufactured from 100% Cotton.

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  • Vintage English Rugger England Rugby Shirt
    Vintage English Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage British Isles Rugger Vintage British Isles Rugger Crest Detail Image
    Vintage British Isles Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • English 1st International Rugger English 1st International Rugger Back Image
    English 1st International Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Great Britain Rugby League Jersey The Great Britain Rugby League Jersey Model Front Image
    Great Britain Rugby League Jersey £64.95 Select options
  • Vintage Welsh Rugger Vintage Welsh Rugger Back Image
    Vintage Welsh Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • English Red Rose Rugger English Red Rose Rugger Back Image
    English Red Rose Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage Scottish Rugger The Vintage Scottish Rugger Back Image
    Vintage Scottish Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage Irish Rugger The Vintage Irish Rugger Back Image
    Vintage Irish Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Varsity 'Light Blues' Vintage Rugger The Varsity 'Light Blues' Vintage Rugger Back Image
    Varsity ‘Light Blues’ Vintage Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage Invitation XV Rugger Barbarians Rugger Front
    Vintage Invitation XV Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Varsity Dark Blues Vintage Rugger The Varsity Dark Blues Vintage Rugger Collar Stand Detail Image
    Varsity Dark Blues Vintage Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • The Flying Prince Rugger The Flying Prince Rugger Back Image
    The Flying Prince Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage French Rugby Jersey The Vintage French Rugby Jersey Back Image
    Vintage French Rugby Jersey £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage New Zealand Rugger The Vintage New Zealand Rugger Back Image
    Vintage New Zealand Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Vintage Italian Rugger The Vintage Italian Rugger Back Image
    Vintage Italian Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Queens House R.F.C Rugger The Queens House R.F.C. Rugger in Navy/Red Model Image
    Queens House R.F.C Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • South African Rugger The South African Rugger Back Image
    South African Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • Old Boys Vintage Rugger The Old Boys Vintage Rugger Back Image
    Old Boys Vintage Rugger £69.95 Select options
  • The 'Triple Blue' Rugger The 'Triple Blue' Rugger Back Image
    The ‘Triple Blue’ Rugger £69.95 Select options
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