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The T-Shirts Collection

The Ellis Rugby T-Shirt range. The design of each T-Shirt draws inspiration from the game of Rugby Football. The national heroes who have played the game also help to inspire our designs.

The influence for the design of our T-Shirts range from specific players to national teams. Fabulous players like Alexander Obolensky, better known as “The Flying Prince”, inspire our designs. This is because of their ability when playing the sport as well as their overall commitment to Rugby. Many of the designs feature subtle Ellis Rugby branding.

Manufactured in 100% cotton, our T-shirts feature either a satin touch, soft touch or soft brush finish.

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  • English Rugby T-Shirt The English Rugby T-Shirt Badge Detail Image
    English Rugby T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage British Isles T-Shirt Vintage British Isles T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage British Isles T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • English 1st International T-Shirt English 1st International T-Shirt Back Image
    English 1st International T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • English Red Rose Pocket T-Shirt The English Red Rose Pocket T-Shirt Back Image
    English Red Rose Pocket T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage 6 Nations T-Shirt Vintage 6 Nations T-Shirt image
    Vintage 6 Nations T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Probables v Possibles T-Shirt The Probables V Possibles T-Shirt Back Image
    Probables v Possibles T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • The Flying Prince T-Shirt - Navy The Flying Prince T-Shirt - Navy Back Image
    The Flying Prince T-Shirt – Navy £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage Welsh T-Shirt The Vintage Welsh T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage Welsh T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage Irish T-Shirt The Vintage Irish T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage Irish T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage Scottish T-Shirt The Vintage Scottish T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage Scottish T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage Invitation XV T-Shirt Vintage Barbarians T-Shirt Front
    Vintage Invitation XV T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • The Flying Prince T-Shirt - Grey The Flying Prince T-Shirt in Grey Back Image
    The Flying Prince T-Shirt – Grey £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage New Zealand T-Shirt The Vintage New Zealand T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage New Zealand T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Ravenscourt Park T-Shirt
    Ravenscourt Park T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Addison R.F.C. T-Shirt The Addison R.F.C. T-Shirt in Navy Front Image
    Addison R.F.C. T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage French T-Shirt The Vintage French T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage French T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • South African T-Shirt The South African T-Shirt Back Image
    South African T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Vintage Australian T-Shirt The Vintage Australian T-Shirt Back Image
    Vintage Australian T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • Queens House R.F.C. T-Shirt The Queens House R.F.C. T-Shirt in Sky Front Image
    Queens House R.F.C. T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
  • England 1871 Vintage Navy T-Shirt The England 1871 Vintage Navy T-Shirt Front Image
    England 1871 Vintage Navy T-Shirt £29.95 Select options
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