The Ellis Rugby Club

Open exclusively to Ellis Rugby customers – The Ellis Rugby Club.

Ellis Rugby celebrates the history of the game, creating exceptional quality garments inspired by the events, players, clubs, and characters of the game of Rugby Football.

We are delighted you too share our enthusiasm for the brand and we will keep you updated on the latest style stories and exclusive offers. This secret launch to our Club members offers you the opportunity to secure one of these limited edition styles.

Our Five Nations jerseys celebrate Grand Slam teams. These include Scotland 1990 & 1984 Grand Slam Rugby Shirts and Wales 1976 Grand Slam Rugby Shirts. Also, our Ireland 1948 Grand Slam Rugby Shirt and existing England 1991-92 & 1923-24 Grand Slam Shirts. Finally, our France 1968 Grand Slam Rugby Shirt.

In addition, a Red 1971 British Isles Lions Shirt and the Blue British Isles Rugby Shirt 1938 Tour. Or, Springboks Rugby Shirt 1953 South Africa and the famous Fiji Rugby Shirt 1952 Tour Shirt. Many thanks for joining the Ellis Rugby Club.

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