Puig Aubert France Rugby League


Puig Aubert, often hailed as the greatest French rugby league player, left an indelible mark on the sport. Throughout his illustrious 16-year career, spanning from Carcassonne to XIII Catalan, Celtic de Paris, and Castelnaudary, he secured numerous accolades, clinching five French championships and four French cups. Aubert’s prowess as a fullback shone brightly as he represented France in 46 international matches. Moreover, his post-retirement endeavors as a coach for Carcassonne and France, coupled with his role as head French national selector, solidified his legacy in the annals of rugby league history.

Puig Aubert France Rugby League

Nicknamed “Pipette” due to his smoking habits, Aubert’s on-field antics were as legendary as his playing skills. His iconic moment, catching the ball with one hand while holding a cigarette during a game against Wigan, epitomized his unconventional approach to the sport. Furthermore, Aubert’s crowning achievement came during the 1951 tour of Australasia, where he notched a record-breaking 221 points in 25 matches, earning him France’s Champion of Champions title—a first in the history of the sport.

1951 France Rugby League Tour

Debuting for the French national side in 1944, Aubert swiftly garnered a cult following for his unorthodox style of play and laid-back attitude towards defense. His leadership was evident when he captained the 1951 French tour of Australia and New Zealand, securing a historic series victory over Australia under Clive Churchill’s captaincy. Despite a loss to New Zealand, Aubert’s influence on the field captivated audiences, drawing record attendances during the tour.

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