The Ellis Rugby Book preview. The Northern Rugby Football Union. The Birth of Rugby League. 1895 to 1922. This was the beginning of the Rugby Football League 1895.

Author – Les Hoole

Les Hoole has been interested in rugby league football for over 50 years. And spent a lot of his teenage years following the fortunes of his hometown club Wakefield Trinity.

Les has previously written rugby league books about Hunslet. In addition, Leeds, the Rugby League Challenge Cup, the Rugby League Lions, Hull FC, and Wakefield Trinity. And also has a huge archive of over 3,000 images.

So, in 2015, Les created a Facebook group ‘Rugby League Historians’ which now has just short of 4,000 members worldwide. He now lives in Drighlington near Bradford. Along with his wife of 42 years. And they have two children and two grandsons.

Here’s the Book Preview – Rugby League Football 1895 – The George Hotel in Huddersfield

Furthermore, on Thursday 29th August 1895. 21 of the leading rugby union clubs of Lancashire and Yorkshire met at the George Hotel in Huddersfield. They met to discuss their long-running disagreement with the rugby football union. Little did they know what was to follow.
The clubs decided that they had suffered enough of the control of the southern gentry. Also, they formed their own northern rugby football union and split from the rugby football union. It was the beginning of a dispute that would continue for almost a hundred years.
The new northern union thrived. And many clubs soon joined,. However, with little coherent strategy or assistance from the union, many folded within a few years. The stronger clubs and the union itself survived those initial chaotic times. And continued to create the structure and competitions that have evolved to create the game of rugby league football we know today.

The book includes rare images from the history of Rugby League

In addition, this new book illustrates the birth of the northern union from 1895 to 1922. It was in 1922 when there was a name change to the rugby league. With hundreds of rare images of the early teams and individuals who had the courage to take that enormous leap in the dark.

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