Rugby League World Cup Winner. Mick Sullivan was born in Pudsey in Leeds. On the 21st January 1934. He signed professionally for Huddersfield in 1954. He played his amateur rugby at the Shaw Cross amateur club in Dewsbury.

He made his début for Great Britain during the 1954 World Cup in France. Against the Australian team. Sullivan went on to appear in the final. And help Great Britain to claim the first-ever World Cup. He was selected to play for England in 1955 against Other Nationalities. And in 1956 against France. Mick Sullivan also represented Great Britain between 1952 and 1956 against France.

Rugby League World Record Transfer Fee

He was then signed by Wigan for a record fee of £9,500 in 1957. Also, he scored a try against Australia in 1960. When he became the only British player to win the World Cup twice. Also, he was signed by St. Helens in 1961. For a new world record fee of £11,000. While at Saints, he played for England in 1962 against France.

Then in 1966 he moved to Australia and captain-coached the Junee team. Who played in the Group 9 competition in southern New South Wales. After 3 years in 1968, he returned to the UK.

Mick made a record 46 appearances for Great Britain playing against Australia, New Zealand, and France including an amazing record of 36 consecutive test appearances. During his career, he played mainly on the Left-wing, but he could also play centre or stand-off to great effect.

A Tribute to Mick Sullivan

Australian journalist & author Jack Pollard perfectly summed up Mick Sullivan. In his book ‘This is Rugby League’ first published in 1962.

He has been a headache for Test match opponents since the day at Lyons, France. When he made his international debut as a winger. And ran almost the length of the field to score a morale-busting try. He is a pesky. An effervescent plumber who swoops on his try-scoring chances like a falcon on sheep. Part of the wonder of Mike Sullivan’s success. Has been that he is not a big man (11 st. 12 lb.), but he insists on behaving like one. Hurling himself into situations made for giants.

Watching him, you are compelled again and again to admire his raw courage. Even if occasionally his swinging arms threaten to behead his rivals. Sullivan’s tenacity with the ball in his hand. His instinct is to be where he can take a try-scoring pass. His speed and opportunism have enabled him to reign for a long time on England’s left wing. Very few chances have come his way since 1953 in Tests that he has not fully exploited. That’s why Wigan paid Huddersfield a world record L9,500 (sterling) for him in 1957. When he was 24. He is quick, very quick.

Celebrating the Great Britain 1958 & 1962 Tour by Great Britain

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