Scotland Grand Slam 1984. The Ellis Rugby Book preview. The Year of the Thistle.

Author – Norman Mair

As a player and rugby writer. Norman Mair has been intimately involved with the Scottish rugby scene since the late 1940s. A Scottish rugby and cricket international. He was for seventeen years the rugby and golf correspondent of the Scotsman. And was then among those recruited for the short-lived but editorially greatly distinguished Sunday Standard. Nowadays a freelance writer. And broadcaster, he wrote and narrated The Butcher’s Legacy. The BBC’s documentary on the story of seven-a-side rugby. In 1981, he had the honour of being the first recipient of the newly inaugurated Scottish Sports Journalist of the Year Award.

Here’s the Book Preview – Scotland Grand Slam 1984. The Year of the Thistle.

To many in the outside world. 1984 will always connote George Orwell. But to rugby followers of Scotland, it will be forever the year of their first Grand Slam for fifty-nine years. Not to mention the nation’s first Triple Crown since 1938. From the moment they drew with the All Blacks in the early part of the season. There was a new tingle of expectancy in Scottish ranks. Then came the 15-9 victory over Wales. Followed by the 18-6 defeat of their old foe England in the hundredth encounter between the two sides. Scotland underlined their new winning ways by demolishing Ireland 32-9. A euphoric win that earned them the Triple Crown.
And set the scene for the Grand Slam summit meeting against France. With morale high in a team possessed of a relentless competitive fibre. The ranks held together to record a 21-12 victory which was hailed throughout the nation. Crown and Championship were the culmination of many factors. Such as the relatively new league structure North of the Border. Overseas tours and better selection.

Discarded Jim Aitken returns to Captain Scotland Grand Slam 1984.

The Year of the Thistle examines not just the matches themselves but the backcloth. It tells of the players who shared in the success. And of their captain, Jim Aitken, who, at one time discarded and at another retired. But came back to lead Scotland to their headiest moments for almost three-score seasons. No less important is the story of the changing face of officialdom in Scottish rugby. And, in particular, of the contribution of Jim Teller. The coach whose own commitment to the cause was stamped all over Scotland’s annus mirabilis. A focal figure. He stayed exactly the same man. Through the disappointment of the Lions’ tour of New Zealand in the summer of ’83. And the exultant triumph of Scotland in the wintex that lay ahead. In addition to accounts of the matches and studies of Aitken and Teller.

The Year of the Thistle touches on the 1925 Grand Slam side. And looks forward to the future of Scottish rugby. Particularly in the light of the 1983-84 season. Overall, it is a fitting but balanced tribute. Also, with contributions from John Reason and David Irvine. In addition, Clem Thomas, John Campbell, and Bill Lothian. To a nation that can once again hold its head high in rugby circles.

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