Like all heritage clothing brands we want to tell the story behind our garments.

Whether it’s about the club’s formation – a fantastic team – an outstanding player or coach – a successful season – or a unique event – telling the story to your supporters is a wonderful way to generate loyalty, create marketing content and fan engagement.
The new ‘Story-Teller’ system from Ellis Rugby is able to do this. We insert a fully washable microchip in a club badge or woven label and when a mobile phone is placed over the chip it scans and links automatically to the video – no need for any additional apps!
What’s more the content on the link can easily be updated to include offers or special promotions.
We are specialists at developing high quality heritage fashion merchandising and work with Premiership Rugby Clubs, Rugby League Superleague Clubs, Premier and Football League Clubs. Interested in our approach? Contact Kevin Ellis on [email protected]