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“Standing Tall: The Tawera Nikau Story”. is a powerful and inspiring memoir that tells the story of one of New Zealand’s most iconic rugby players. Tawera Nikau. From his humble beginnings in the small town of Huntly. To become a legendary player for the Kiwis. Nikau’s journey is one of triumph over adversity, both on and off the field.

Through the pages of this book. Readers will follow Nikau’s rise to rugby stardom. Including his time with the Melbourne Storm, and the Kiwis. But “Standing Tall” is more than just a sports biography. It is also a story of personal growth and resilience. Nikau opens up about the challenges he faced throughout his career. From injuries and setbacks to personal struggles and tragedies.

Kiwi Rugby League Legend

Tawera Nikau is an exceptional athlete and veteran of international rugby league at the highest levels. With a faithful following of fans in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. His career on the field has been spectacular. But events off the field have created an air of intrigue. Especially his well-documented antagonism towards fellow Kiwi international Richie Blackmore. To the extent of his refusing a spot on the New Zealand team if it meant playing alongside Blackmore.

Tawera Nikau Tragedy in his Life

The tragic suicide of his wife Lutetia. And his recent motorcycle accident which resulted in his having his right leg amputated, has seen him occupy more than a few headlines. Undaunted, he has risen above his own personal loss and tragedy to become an inspirational figure Through his fight back to physical fitness and competitive sport. Setting himself a personal goal to become a Paralympian. To his work with troubled youth in his hometown of Huntley. Through the funding and establishment of a gym and training facility.

Tawera Nikau Kiwi Rugby League and the Challenges he faced.

He is also giving something back to Rugby League. And is coaching a Huntly-based team in the national league competition in 2004. His story of life at the top of his sport. And the personal cost of his career and the challenges he has had to overcome makes for a gripping and revealing biography of an inspirational New Zealander.

Despite facing numerous obstacles. Nikau never gave up on his dreams. He remained determined to succeed and inspire others. Both on and off the field. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, courage, and determination in the face of adversity.

Standing Tall Book Preview

Filled with personal anecdotes. Never-before-told stories. And insights into the world of professional rugby, “Standing Tall” is a must-read for anyone who loves sports. Or simply wants to be inspired by one man’s incredible journey. Nikau’s story is a reminder that anything is possible. As long as you have the courage to stand tall and never give up on your dreams.

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