The company founder Kevin Ellis was born and bred in the county of Yorkshire. As a youngster he spent much of his time playing rugby in the local field with his elder brothers and as he matured his enthusiasm for rugby remained.

Much of his junior involvement was in Rugby League, but in his teens he was tempted by the fifteen-a-side code and enjoyed several seasons with Headingley, before signing professional forms. He continues his hands-on involvement in the sport today, coaching youngsters at his local club.

His passion for the game, combined with his love of design and fashion are the driving force behind Ellis Rugby.

The appeal of Ellis Rugby lies in the striking designs, stylish colour choices and the exceptional quality of the fabrics. The loyalty of customers and the businesses commitment to retaining the heritage and traditions within our designs have enabled the brand to grow rapidly.

Ellis Rugby are totally committed to producing quality garments which are inspired by similar like-minded individuals from the rich history of the game of rugby.