Here’s another example of where we gain our design inspiration. Take a look at this great video as we map out the career of France Rugby League Legend – Puig “Pipette” Aubert.

Robert Aubert Puig is considered the best French rugby league footballer of all-time. His nickname “Pipette” was a reference to his smoking habits, which at several stages saw him smoking on the field. Quite famously in a game against Wigan, he actually caught the ball with one hand while holding a cigarette in the other hand. While he often had unusual habits for a sportsman, there was no denying his talent, he was a master at kicking in play and in overall attack he was both unorthodox and unpredictable. Aside from his playing skill, he developed a reputation based on his somewhat eccentric attitude or charismatic manner.

He played mainly for AS Carcassonne who he signed for at the beginning of the 1944 season. Over the next nine years with his home town club Aubert achieved immense success that would cement his place as a legend of of France Rugby League while also earning his first national team cap in 1944. He would go on to lead the club to four French championship titles, four Lord Derby cups and runners-up in the championship on four occasions along with three runners-up medals in the Lord Derby cup.

The pinnacle of Aubert’s career was on the 1951 tour of Australasia, when he played in 25 of France’s 29 matches, and scored a record 221 points. He also led France to the 1954 Rugby League World Cup Final.
Over a span of 10 years in the international game Aubert would make 46 appearances for the national side scoring a total of 361 collective points in his 27 test matches, four World Cup appearances and 15 European cup caps including two victorious tournament campaigns.
What a team, what a player and what a character. Please take a look.
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