Toa Samoa Rugby League.


The stars of the Toa Samoa Rugby League team take on England Rugby League. At St James’s Park on Saturday 14th October, kick-off 2.30 pm. The Samoan star-studded team is headed by the Penrith Panthers playmaker Jarome Luai. In addition his Penrith Panthers Premiership winners teammates. Taylan May, and Brian To’o line up for Toa Samoa.

NRL Stars playing for their Samoan Heritage

Captain Junior Paulo (Parramatta Eels) is in the front row along with Josh Papalii (Canberra Raiders). Other stars opting for their Samoan heritage over Australia or New Zealand. These include Anthony Milford (Newcastle Knights), Stephen Crichton (Penrith Panthers), and Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors). In addition, the outstanding Joseph Suaalii (Sydney Roosters).

The Beginning of Samoa RL

This is a long way from the early days of Samoa Rugby League. The nation and sport of Rugby League owe much to John ‘Swanny’ Stowers and his wife Lyndsay. Who single-handedly began the organisation from their home in New Zealand.
The late John ‘Swanny’ Stowers and his wife Lyndsay. Are remembered as the ones who took an application to register the Western Samoa Rugby League Association in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985. And was approved by the World Rugby League later that year.

Toa Samoa Rugby League – Couple Mortgage their Home

William John “Swanny” Stowers and his wife Lyndsay Stowers operated Samoa Rugby League out of their North Shore home in Auckland. And also from the Richmond Rugby League Clubhouse where Lyndsay ran the canteen.
This resilient couple were known to have put a mortgage on their home. In order to assist with funding the thirty men representing Samoa in the Pacific Cup held in Tonga, 1990. This commitment lead to a historical win over the Maori team for the first time. And a win in the 1990 Pacific Cup. Coached by the Richmond Bulldogs Head Coach, Steve Kaiser. The Western Samoan team put Samoan rugby league on the map.

The Pioneers of Samoa Rugby League

In 1986 the first Western Samoa rugby league competed in the Pacific Cup. It was in the Rarotonga, the Cook Islands. Also, the team was coached by Joe Raymond. In addition, the captain was Malofou Solomona. The Samoa Rugby League team owe much to this couple and the pioneers of the game of Samoa.
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