Canada Rugby Union Coach Book


The author Damian McGrath is a prominent figure in the rugby world. His career spans several decades, with notable successes as a rugby union coach. He has coached in various countries, gaining international recognition for his skills and leadership.

Appointment as Canada Rugby Union Coach

In October 2016, Damian McGrath was appointed head coach of Canada’s national men’s 7s team. This marked a significant milestone in his career. His role as the Canada Rugby Union Coach came with challenges. However, his expertise led to remarkable achievements.

Transforming the Canada Sevens Team

Under McGrath’s leadership, the Canada Sevens team saw significant improvement. The team rose from 13th to 8th in the World Rankings. Furthermore, in 2017, McGrath guided the team to victory at the Singapore Sevens. This was Canada’s first win on the World Series circuit. Consequently, this victory brought newfound recognition and respect to the team.

Book Review: Can You Be Fluent In Success?

“Can You Be Fluent In Success?” by Damian McGrath offers a unique perspective on business coaching. The book leverages McGrath’s extensive experience in international rugby coaching. It provides insights into how his strategies can be applied to business and life.

Themes and Insights

McGrath’s book is rich with themes of resilience, leadership, and strategic thinking. Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. His experiences as a Canada Rugby Union Coach provide a practical framework for success.

Practical Applications

The book is not just theoretical. McGrath shares actionable advice. Additionally, he draws parallels between rugby strategies and business tactics. This approach makes the book a valuable resource for business professionals.

Personal Reflections as a Coach

McGrath’s personal stories add depth to the book. He reflects on his career highs and lows, offering readers an authentic look into his journey. Therefore, his reflections make the book relatable and engaging.

Celebrating Canada Rugby Teams

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Where to Buy the Book?

“Can You Be Fluent In Success?” by Damian McGrath is available for purchase on Amazon. Readers interested in gaining insights from an international rugby leader can find the book here.

In conclusion, Damian McGrath’s book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in business coaching and leadership. His experience as a Canada Rugby Union Coach provides a unique and inspiring perspective on achieving success.