There are many sporting heritage clothing brands on the high street, but there are very few that remain loyal to their roots. Our approach to clothing design is totally integrated with a club or organisations sporting history.

We research the history of the club, develop garment designs and a structured merchandising campaign and then breathe new life in to past triumphs using the back story as key marketing content which can be incorporated in to social and product promotion activity.

Our garments are exceptional – 100% Cotton fashion garments with a sporting twist – they are not technical sporting apparel and therefore our retail offering does not compete with the Club’s kit supplier, instead complements it – offering casual clothing.We not only work for outstanding Rugby Union and Rugby League Clubs, but are now creating some superb collections for Premiership, Championship and European Football Clubs.

This promotional video of the Great Britain Rugby League last Ashes winning team of 1970 is a perfect example of our unique approach. A fantastic ‘backs against the wall’ story of an outstanding performance both individually and as a team in the Aussies back yard!

If you’re club are interested in our approach, please contact Kevin Ellis at (Ellis Rugby, Ellis Sports) at [email protected]