Colin Meads All Blacks


Colin Meads, a legendary figure in New Zealand rugby history, had a career that spanned from 1957 to 1971. During which he played 55 test matches and 133 games overall for the All Blacks. His impact on the sport was immense. Earning him the nickname ‘Pinetree’ for his imposing physical presence on the field.

All Blacks Flanker, Number 8, and even Winger!

Moreover, Meads’ versatility was notable, as he excelled not only as a lock forward but also played as a flanker, number 8, and even on the wing when needed. Showcasing his adaptability and skills across different positions.

Colin Meads – a Great Leader and Captain

In addition to his impressive on-field performances. Meads was named captain of the All Blacks 11 times. Displaying his leadership qualities and influence within the team. His captaincy debut came during the 1963–64 tour of Britain, marking a significant moment in his illustrious career.

All Blacks – Played with a Broken Arm Against Eastern Transvaal

Furthermore, Meads’ resilience and toughness were legendary. Highlighted by incidents where he continued playing despite serious injuries, such as a broken arm during a match against Eastern Transvaal in South Africa. His high threshold for pain and determination to compete at the highest level made him a revered figure among fans and teammates alike.

Colin Meads – The Enforcer

Subsequently, Meads’ reputation as a “hard man” and “an enforcer” was well-known. With stories of his encounters with opponents adding to his mystique. Despite his physical style of play, he also showed respect for formidable opponents. Like Rhys Williams, Willie John McBride, and Martin Pelser, whom he considered among the toughest he faced.

Consequently, Meads’ career was not without controversy, including a notable incident in 1967 when he was sent off in a test match against Scotland for dangerous play. A rare occurrence for an All Black player at the time.

Ellis Rugby: Celebrating Rugby Heritage

In conclusion, Colin Meads’ legacy in New Zealand rugby is unparalleled, and his contributions to the sport continue to be celebrated. His remarkable journey inspires fans and players alike, reminding us of the enduring spirit of rugby and the legends it produces.

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