Doddie Weir Book Preview


We lost a great rugby player and a great man last weekend. Seemed appropriate to include Doddie’s book in our book Preview. The World According to Doddie: An A-Z of Life and how to Live it.

Doddie Weir Book Preview

Sporting hero and MND campaigner Doddie Weir was instantly recognised as a national treasure and has made TV hosts, dinner guests, rugby fans and royalty laugh at his one-liners and observations. He has taken the advice of many and written down his mottos, mantras and secrets to enjoying life.

In The World According to Doddie, Doddie brings together his favourite lessons for life in his uniquely hilarious, thought-provoking and life-affirming style. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and even better, you can now share Doddie’s very own brand of positive thinking about life and how to live it!

In Doddie’s words. The Introduction.

For years, travelling around the country and the world as a rugby player or when broadcasting, writing in newspapers, or doing after-dinner speeches and the likes, people have said to me ‘you should write these things down’ or ‘put that in a book’. And now I have.

They say you shouldn’t laugh at your own jokes, but some of them are really quite funny. And how we arrived at some of these tales, one-liners, mantras, and mottos, almost deserves a book in itself. The moments that make you think often leave a lasting impression and shape your life or career; learning by your mistakes, trying things once, and sticking to your opinions and beliefs.

However, sharing the good times with friends, family, and team-mates, and the spontaneity which comes when you are having a good time, often with complete strangers, is something we’ve all enjoyed, and it’s some of these wee moments I’ve tried to capture in this book. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Doddie The Borders September 2019

This Book is a perfect present for Christmas

You can purchase the Doddie Weir Book – The World According to Doddie: An A-Z of Life and how to Live it. From Amazon HERE.