Gareth Ellis Rugby League Book


In “Never the Easy Option: The Gareth Ellis Story,”. Former Rugby League titan Gareth Ellis bares his soul in an enthralling account of his remarkable career. From the early days at Wakefield where his journey began. To pivotal decisions at Leeds and in the NRL with the Wests Tigers. Ellis recounts his choices, each defined by a refusal to settle for the convenient path.

Never the Easy Option – Gareth Ellis Rugby League Book

This gripping narrative sheds light on the inner workings of a relentless athlete who left indelible marks on every team he graced. Ellis’s revelations about turning down seemingly appealing opportunities. His role in defining a club’s culture. And his international success (garnering 38 caps) provide a rare insight into the mind of a top-tier athlete.

Single-minded Focus on being the Ultimate Team Rugby League Player

Notably, Ellis reflects candidly on his brave comeback from retirement in 2019, showcasing his unyielding determination. His unwavering commitment to over 480 appearances in the Rugby League is underscored by his single-minded focus on being the ultimate team player, someone others desired beside them on the field.

Gareth Ellis – The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

“Never the Easy Option” is not just a sports memoir but an inspiring testament to perseverance, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the demanding world of professional sports. Gareth Ellis’s tale encapsulates the essence of a Rugby League legend, a story of resilience, tough choices, and unwavering dedication.

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Written by Gareth Ellis, this captivating book sheds light on Ellis’s career with Wakefield Trinity. Also, Leeds Rhinos, and Wests Tigers. In addition, Hull FC. Furthermore, to acquire this compelling read, visit the AMAZON – Click HERE.

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