George Nepia New Zealand

The legendary George Nepia was a New Zealand rugby. And rugby league player who significantly impacted the sport during the early 20th century. Born on April 25, 1905. In Wairoa, New Zealand. He is best known for his remarkable contributions to both codes of rugby.

New Zealand Rugby All Blacks

Nepia’s rugby union career began in the 1920s when he made his debut for the New Zealand All Blacks in 1924. He was just 19 years old at the time. And played as at fullback. Nepia’s most famous moment came during the “Invincibles” tour of 1924-1925. When the New Zealand team went unbeaten throughout their tour of the United Kingdom, France, and Canada.

He was noted for his exceptional defensive skills. In addition, his safe catching. Also, his strong tackling abilities. George Nepia played a pivotal role in the All Blacks’ success during this tour. It earned him a reputation as one of the greatest fullbacks of his era.

George Nepia not Selected on Racial Grounds

Nēpia was omitted from the 1928 All Blacks tour of South Africa on racial grounds. However, he returned to the All Blacks for tours to Australia in 1929. Also, against the British Lions in New Zealand in 1930. These were his last games for the All Blacks.

New Zealand Kiwis Rugby League

Despite his talent and accomplishments in rugby union. George Nepia’s career took a different turn in 1935. He signed for the Streatham and Mitcham Rugby League Club in London for £500. A short spell with Halifax Rugby League. Then in 1937 he returned to New Zealand and played league for Manukau. Also, he played for the New Zealand Māori and New Zealand rugby league teams. During July and August 1937 Nēpia traveled to the South Island. Where he represented both Hornby and Canterbury.[
He quickly established himself as a key player for the Kiwis. His leadership and exceptional skills made him a respected figure in rugby union and rugby league circles.

George Nepia the most famous Māori rugby players

He is remembered as an exceptional full-back and one of the most famous Māori rugby players. Also, he was inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in 1990. Sadly, he passed away on August 27, 1986. But his name lives on in the annals of New Zealand sports history. Remembered for his skill, versatility, and contributions to both codes of rugby.

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