Ireland Rugby Union Shirt. And the players who’ve worn the famous Green jersey. This book is the official history published. To mark the centenary of the IRFU. It includes the Laws of Rugby adopted in Dublin in 1868. In addition, a list of Rugby Union officials. Also a list of selection committees. And International Caps. Captains of Ireland. Ireland’s overseas tours. Ireland’s international results, etc.

Author – Edmund Van Esbeck

The information in this book is the work of Edmund Van Esbeck. He is a former Irish Times Rugby Columnist. He painstakingly collected the memorabilia. Also, collected the stories, facts, and figures.

Here’s the Ireland Rugby Union Shirt. One hundred years of Irish Rugby Book Preview

This book is the Official History of the Irish Rugby Football Union. Rugby football has long been popular in Ireland. Within a few years of its ‘invention’ at Rugby School in 1823. The game spread to Ireland. And in 1874 the Irish Rugby Football Union was founded. This then allowed Irish teams to play international matches. But the real roots of rugby may lie much deeper. In a primitive form of football played for centuries in the Irish countryside.

Ireland Rugby Union Shirt Players and teams. The official history of the Irish Rugby Football Union

In this official history. Published to mark the centenary of the IRFU. Also, the book looks at the facts about the formation of the game. In addition, the stories of Ireland’s dramatic entry on the international rugby scene are described. Basing his carefully researched narrative on all the available source material, the author traces the progress of Irish rugby through times of uncertainty and failure to eventual triumph and glory.

Ireland Rugby Union Shirt Players, Personalities – past and present.

The players are the heroes of the book. Firstly, the famous personalities of past and present are described. Secondly, their performance in Ireland’s greatest games is assessed. Thirdly, the contribution of each in developing particular skills and techniques is analysed. Finally, the book includes complete records of Irish rugby. Also, in addition, the book has a superb collection of historic photographs.

Sportsmanship, spirit, and the Ireland Rugby Union Shirt green jersey.

But the standard of sportsmanship has remained. In addition, the spirit of the game is as strong as ever. And the game continues to flourish. Inspired by the players who now wear the Irish Rugby Union shirt green jersey. But also of their supporters who pack the stands at Lansdowne Road. All such enthusiasts will find in this book an enthralling account of a century of Irish rugby.

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