Leicester Tigers Rugby Union. The official history of Leicester Football Club 1880-1993.

Authors – Stuart Farmer & David Hands

Stuart Farmer has been a statistician since he was first able to write. And once he discovered computers a few years later. His destiny was fixed. He has kept Tigers and other sporting records for a very long time. Originally handwritten. But he now uses his programming skills to computerize them all. Stuart has a database of every cricket international, rugby test, formula one Grand Prix. And, of course, all Tigers fixtures. He is a member of Leicestershire County Cricket Club. In addition, he is in the Association of Cricket Statisticians. Stuart is a lifelong Leicester Tigers Rugby Union supporter.

David Hands has been writing about rugby virtually all his adult life. He began his career with the South Wales Argus in Newport. He joined as a news reporter in 1969. And then with the Leicester Mercury from 1971 to 1978. He became the newspapers rugby writer in 1973. Those five years provided David with invaluable experience reporting on the Leicester Tigers Rugby Union club. In 1978, David joined the staff at The Times newspaper. Also, he has written autobiographies with Peter Wheeler and Rory Underwood. In 1982 he was appointed rugby Correspondent at The Times newspaper. Moreover, he reported on domestic rugby. Also, international tours to South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Leicester Tigers Rugby Union. The Tigers Tale.

On 3rd August 1880. A group of enterprising sportsmen held a meeting at the George Hotel. This is where a new club called the Leicester Football Club was formed.

Moreover, the book The Tigers Tale. Stuart Farmer and David Hands trace the history of the club. From these modest beginnings. Right up to the present day. The book details the story of the club and ground. From the Club’s own original records. Which have been made readily available to the authors. However, this is supplemented by carefully researched comprehensive stats. Including every first-class fixture. Also, they discovered new information on teams and scorers. It is all presented in easy-to-read charts.

Every first-team player who has worn a Tigers jersey has been identified. And, over 200 of them are brought to life in a detailed biography section. Some are international players. Others are truly club men. But, they all have one thing in common. They are Tigers. And that alone earns them a place in local sporting history.

For anyone interested in Rugby Football

Firstly, this handsome volume is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of pictures. Secondly, it includes, end of season team photographs wherever possible. In addition, other remarkable memorabilia. Not only are all the triumphs related. But, also many forgotten rugby tales and fascinating information is included. It is a must for all Tigers fans. Also, for anyone interested in Rugby Football. Or the history of Leicester Tigers Rugby Union.

It is quite simply the most comprehensive book about any Rugby Club published.

Where to buy Leicester Tigers Rugby Union A Tigers Tale

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