New Zealand Kiwis 1962 Great Britain Series winners.


The 1962 New Zealand rugby league season was the 55th season of rugby league. The highlight was New Zealand defeating Great Britain 2-0 in a Test series.

New Zealand won the Test matches 19-0 and 27-8 at Carlaw Park. New Zealand was captained by Mel Cooke. And included Tony Smith, Brian Reidy, and Reese Griffiths. Also, Graham Kennedy, Neville Denton, and Bill Snowden. In addition, Jim Bond, Jock Butterfield, Maunga Emery, and Ron Ackland. Finally, Sam Edwards, Roger Bailey, Jack Fagan, and Don Hammond.

First Televised New Zealand Rugby League 1962 Game against Auckland

Great Britain defeated the Bay of Plenty 81-14. Also, Canterbury 26-5. But, Auckland defeated Great Britain 46-13 on 13 August at Carlaw Park. This was the first televised rugby league match in New Zealand. One hour of edited highlights was shown on AKTV2 that night, Other regional channels showed the highlights the following week.
Auckland included; Gary Phillips, Brian Reidy, Roger Bailey, and captain Bill Sorensen. Also, Neville Denton, Doug Ellwood, Bill Snowden, and Rata Harrison. In addition, John Lasher, Graham Mattson, and Arthur Carson. Finally, Ron Ackland and Bruce Castle.

Former New Zealand Rugby League Kiwi Full Back Des White Commented

Former Kiwi fullback Des White commented in the “Auckland Eight O’Clock” sports paper: “The teamwork and experience by the New Zealand Rugby League team. During the tour of England and France in 1961 were major factors. In the Kiwi’s decisive 27-8 win in the second Test against Britain this year.
The quickness of the Kiwis to establish superiority in the first quarter of each half. And again match winning breaks were the result of perfect cohesion and understanding gained through continuous association on tour. In contrast to the speed of the Kiwis. The British side. Apart from a period in the first half, was struggling to combat this suppleness. Individually, the British forwards worked to the best of their ability. But it was a lack of pattern that caused all solo efforts to break down. Most of their runs were kept close to the rucks. And, while the defence was occasionally pierced. The tourists were never really in the clear before covering men closed in.

New Zealand Took Advantage of Great Britain’s Approach to the Game

Occasionally the odd short passing rush would create opportunities. Rarely did a Back make ground. Instead, they were in the inaccustomed role of turning into an opponent and flipping the pass away. For there were times when the Kiwi defence shifted from ankle tactics. To around the head and the opportunity to employ such a move was on.
Lack of fitness and the general approach to the game did appear to play a prominent part in the mediocre form of the British side.
The tremendous cover of Ron Ackland. Along with Don Hammond and Mel Cooke was of high quality. Rarely was a back forced to take an opposing forward throughout the series. In fact, the positional play of all on cover was one of the main features of the game. Cooke showed great drive. For, in addition to being everywhere on defence. He flew into support, on attack and should have been rewarded with a try on two occasions.

1962 Kiwi Pack in Outstanding Form during Series

Again Ackland and Hammond delighted with precision passing which ended in a good try. Prop Sam Edwards produced his best Test match in New Zealand. And Maunga Emery, not so conspicuous in the latter stages through a pulled muscle, fully earned his try.
Jock Butterfield finished slightly ahead in the battle for possession. And did appear to put more fire into his work after clashing with Jack Wilkinson and John Shaw. Also, the British packs gave the Kiwis room to move in. And certainly wingers Neville Denton and Reidy received more than their customary share of the ball. Their speed often turned defence into attack. Both had particularly good games. Especially Reidy who has developed considerably in this position.

New Zealand Kiwis Half-Backs Dominated the Lions

Jack Fagan returned to more like his customary form in England. And brought off some beautiful saves at fullback. His positional play was sound. And he was always close to combining with any promising break. Roger Baily, after an unsteady first quarter. Settled down well and showed his customary anticipation on attack.
Graham Kennedy never appeared very happy at centre. And, generally, there was too much hesitancy in his play. Both halves. Bil Snowden and Jim Bond,. Again functioned well. Snowden gave excellent service from the scrum. Despite his opposite, Harold Poynton, almost being on top of him. Bond occasionally was another who left a fairly wide gap. When moving up too quickly from loose play. But generally was constructive in other phases.

Great Britain Didn’t Deserve their Rewards?

After the Test came after the shocking British display against Auckland. The tourists did not produce anything like the form expected of players earning £15 a win . For their own club sides of the £600-odd bonus that will be paid out to them.

The Kiwis have moulded into an excellent side. And the policy of sending a young team away last season (1961) has placed this country in a strong position for some years.”

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