Ellis Rugby Sweatpants Joggers Slim-fit Vintage Style


Like other schools in the early 19th century Rugby School played a form of football. The famous action of William Webb Ellis, who, in 1823, ran with the ball in hand, stimulated football at Rugby to develop into a game which mixed handling with kicking. The Ellis Rugby Slim Fit Joggers are produced in a contemporary cut with contrast draw cord, smart embroidery and side pockets. Available in M to XXL in Navy.

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An Introduction to Ellis Rugby Sweatpants Joggers

The Mens Ellis Rugby Sweatpants Joggers feature a Slim-fit cut. This Casual Style is perfect for the Gym or lounging in style.

In the early years of the sport, rugby was a gentlemen’s pastime. Fashion and style were very important and smart uniforms for both teams and officials. Both on and off the field were important. Referee or Umpires wore blazers and this tradition didn’t stop until the 1950s.

Early rugby uniforms included matching wool jumpers paired with white trousers. Although wool had a significant use in most sports uniforms, including swimming costumes. It was far from ideal as the heavy, knitted jumpers would become really heavy once wet and limit a player’s movement. Heavy-gauge cotton shirts were introduced. Which were far more suitable for playing sport. Soon the modern rugby shirt developed.

The tops were usually long-sleeve. And teams soon introduced their own unique colours, including bold stripes and smart contrast collars. Players had often worn small caps during matches. In addition, long white trousers were replaced by rugby shorts.

The History of Rugby Uniforms

In 1839 at Rugby School, the School House team was the first side to adopt a uniform.  All their players wore red velvet caps during a match that Queen Adelaide. These velvet caps, together with white trousers and jerseys, became accepted for players ‘following up’ although each wore his own favorite colours. Each player carried a personal motto on his shirt (equivalent to today’s Tee-shirt slogan).

The Ellis Rugby Sweatpants Joggers Slim-fit Vintage Style are produced in a contemporary cut with contrast draw cord, smart embroidery and side pockets. Combines a stylish edge with soft sweatshirt fabric and elasticated drawstring waist.

Available in M to XXL in Navy.

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