State of Origin Rugby League Book


Origin Rugby League is the sport’s toughest arena. It’s where the greats are elevated to the status of Immortal, the game’s highest individual honor. The book “Immortals of State of Origin” by Liam Hauser brings together these two legendary concepts. Moreover, it celebrates the outstanding players who have defined over four decades of fierce competition between Queensland and New South Wales.

A Dream Team of Legends – Queensland & New South Wales

In “Immortals of State of Origin,” Liam Hauser celebrates a dream team of Queenslanders and a supreme side of New South Welshmen. These players have shown extraordinary skill and determination in the State of Origin Rugby League. Furthermore, the book spans over forty years of cane toad versus cockroach rivalry, showcasing the best moments and unforgettable performances.

Highlights of Origin Careers

Liam Hauser delves deep into the careers of his selected Immortals. He highlights each individual’s triumphs and heroics on the field. Additionally, the book is filled with action photographs and detailed Origin career statistics. These elements bring the stories of these legendary players to life. Consequently, readers can fully appreciate the dedication and talent required to achieve Immortal status in Origin Rugby League.

Memorable Moments and Rugby League Heroics

The “Immortals of State of Origin” captures numerous memorable moments that have shaped the history of the State of Origin Rugby League. Hauser’s narrative brings to light the intense competition and the sheer willpower exhibited by these players. As a result, fans can relive the glorious past of their favorite sport. Furthermore, the book provides insights into the strategic plays and critical decisions that led to unforgettable victories.

Celebrating the Great New South Wales Teams

In addition to individual accolades, “Immortals of State of Origin” pays tribute to the great New South Wales teams. The book honors the collective effort and teamwork that propelled these teams to glory. Subsequently, readers are reminded of the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving greatness in the State of Origin Rugby League.

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Where to Buy the Book?

For those interested in experiencing the rich history and legendary moments of the State of Origin Rugby League, “Immortals of State of Origin” by Liam Hauser is available for purchase on Amazon. This book is a must-read for any rugby league enthusiast. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to add this incredible piece of sports literature to your collection.

Immerse yourself in the world of State of Origin Rugby League with “Immortals of State of Origin.” Celebrate the game’s greatest players and their extraordinary journeys to becoming Immortals.