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Unforgettable by Steve Thompson is a poignant and powerful memoir that delves into the gripping journey of a former England and Northampton Saints rugby player. Furthermore, it revolves around the pinnacle of his career. The Rugby World Cup triumph in 2003, where England emerged victorious. Steve Thompson stood at the heart of the match, anchoring the front row and engaging in the intense and violent battleground of the scrum. A place where sportsmanship meets ferocity.

Unforgettable – Steve Thompson England Rugby Book

However, triumph came at a staggering cost for Thompson. Despite being an integral part of England’s victory, he now grapples with a harrowing reality. He remembers nothing about playing in that monumental final. Watching the tape of the game is akin to witnessing a ghost, as the memories of his remarkable achievement have vanished into the abyss of his mind.

England Rugby Star diagnosed with early onset dementia and severe progressive brain damage

The toll extracted from years of enduring the physical rigors of rugby. The culture of absorbing punishment and returning for more—has left Thompson grappling with a devastating diagnosis. He has been diagnosed with early onset dementia and severe progressive brain damage. Therefore, shattering the life he had envisioned alongside his wife Steph. Robbing him of precious memories. And threatening his ability to cherish moments with his children

Contributions from England Rugby World Cup Winning Coach – Sir Clive Woodward

Within the pages of Unforgettable, Thompson endeavors to capture these elusive memories, desperately seeking to preserve them for the sake of his children before they fade into oblivion. Also, the book not only chronicles his personal struggles but also features poignant anecdotes contributed by his World Cup-winning teammates. In addition, his former manager, Sir Clive Woodward, offering a mosaic of perspectives that paint a vivid picture of his journey.

Steve Thompson – a story of hope, courage, and the unyielding strength

This raw and evocative storytelling stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. No longer pushing himself to the limit for competition. Thompson embarks on a poignant quest to carve out his place in the world—a story of hope, courage, and the unyielding strength of the human mind.

Furthermore, Unforgettable is not just a book; it’s a compelling narrative that encapsulates the triumphs, sacrifices, and unwavering determination of a man on a deeply personal quest for remembrance and legacy.

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Written by Steve Thompson, this captivating book is available from, AMAZON – Click HERE.

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