The History of Rugby. The Oval World written by Tony Collins details the history of Rugby.

Author – The Oval World. A History of Rugby – Tony Collins

Tony Collins is a recognised rugby historian. He has written several award-winning books on the history of the sport. And he is the host of the Rugby Reloaded history podcast. Also a regular contributor to television and radio programmes.

Here’s The History of Rugby. The Oval World Book Preview.

Rugby has always been a sport with as much drama off the field as on it. For every thrilling last-minute Jonny Wilkinson drop-goal to win the World Cup or Jonah Lomu rampage down the touchline for a try, there has been a split, a feud, or a controversy.

The Oval World is the first full-length history of rugby on a world scale – from its origins in the village-based football games of medieval times up to the globalised sport of the twenty-first century, now played in over 100 countries.

It tells the story of how a game played in an obscure English public school became the winter sport of the British Empire, spreading to France, Argentina, Japan, and the rest of the world and commanding a global television audience of over four billion for the last World Cup final. It also explores how American football – and other games such as Australian, Canadian, and Gaelic football – emerged from their English cousin.

Covers the great moments and the legends of Rugby.

Featuring the great moments in the game’s history and its legendary names – David Duckham, Serge Blanco, Billy Boston, and David Campese, alongside Rupert Brooke, King George V, Boris Karloff, Charles de Gaulle, and Nelson Mandela – The Oval World investigates just what it is about rugby that enables it to thrive in countries with very different traditions and cultures. This is the definitive world history of a truly global sport.

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