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Dive into the riveting tale of Toppo – The David Topliss Story, a captivating narrative penned by author Lee Robinson. This book unravels the extraordinary journey of David Topliss, a revered figure in the world of rugby league, particularly celebrated for his illustrious 13-year stint with Wakefield Trinity.

David Topliss Wakefield Trinity & Hull FC Rugby League

Moreover, Topliss not only graced the playing fields as a formidable player but also left an indelible mark as a coach in his later years, steering Wakefield Trinity with the wisdom gained from a career adorned with trophies and medals. His legacy extends beyond the Wakefield district, reaching the pinnacle of rugby league glory at Wembley and even onto the international Test arena in Sydney, Australia.

Rugby League Lance Todd Trophy Winner

Furthermore, the narrative delves into Topliss’s pivotal move to Hull FC, a chapter in his life where he earned the accolades he so rightfully deserved. With over 400 appearances in the iconic ‘red, white, and blue,’ Topliss clinched the prestigious Lance Todd Trophy at Wembley in 1979, etching his name in rugby league history.

Successful Rugby League Career in Australia with Penrith Panthers & Balmain Tigers

Additionally, the book sheds light on his remarkable tenure at Hull FC, where he secured four trophies, including the revered Rugby League Challenge Cup on a momentous night in 1982. This journey wasn’t confined to the UK, as Topliss ventured into the Australian Premiership, leaving an indelible mark with stints at Penrith Panthers and Balmain Tigers.

Great Britain International and Hall of Fame Inductee

In addition to his domestic successes, Topliss’s Rugby League CV boasts experiences with Oldham and Yorkshire, England under-19s, and representing England and Great Britain on the international stage. Subsequently, the narrative explores his enduring impact, securing a well-deserved spot in both the Wakefield Trinity and Hull FC Halls of Fame.

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Consequently, spanning an impressive 26-year professional Rugby League career and accumulating 647 first-class games, David Topliss’s story is a testament to passion, dedication, and the indomitable spirit that defines a true rugby league hero. As a result, readers are in for an enthralling journey through the highs and lows of a sporting legend’s life in Toppo – The David Topliss Story.

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