Wasps celebrate their 150th Anniversary this season and we were invited earlier this year to design an exclusive vintage clothing collection for the club.

The display of the team on the field against Sale Sharks (50-35) was matched by an outstanding retail performance. In-store, the interior looked superb, displaying a combination of casual garments, such as Ruggers, Polos, Ts, Hoodies, Zippers along with accessories including Boxers and Socks.

We take inspiration for our designs from the history of the game, it’s clubs and players  – and Wasps who were formed in 1867 at the now defunct Eton and Middlesex Tavern in North London have a really interesting past.

In December 1870, Edwin Ash, Secretary of Richmond Football Club published a letter in The Times newspaper inviting clubs to a meeting to discuss the lack of standard rules for the game. As a reasonably well-established club at the time, the Wasps were eligible to be founder members of the (RFU). So, on 26 January 1871 the meeting was scheduled to take place. However a mix-up led to them sending their representative to the wrong venue at the wrong time on the wrong day.

Another version of the story was that he went to a pub of the same name and after consuming a number of drinks was too drunk to make it to the correct address after he realised his mistake.

Looking at them now and the progress they’ve made – they look one of the slickest operators in the Premiership – on and off the field!