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In “The Hurt,” former England Rugby Union Captain Dylan Hartley delves into the brutal realities of rugby, portraying it as a sport that simultaneously nourishes the soul while inflicting significant physical and mental pain.

Exploration of Rugby’s Demands:

Hartley’s narrative elucidates the unforgiving nature of rugby, where mental resilience and pain tolerance are essential attributes. He illustrates how the sport delves into the depths of character, transcending mere physical endurance.

Personal Journey and Tribulations:

From his humble beginnings as a sixteen-year-old Kiwi making the solitary journey to England, to his illustrious career boasting ninety-seven international caps, Hartley candidly recounts the trials and tribulations faced both on and off the field. He provides poignant insights into the toll that rugby exacts on players’ mental well-being, alongside the devastating injury that shattered his aspirations of leading England in the 2019 World Cup.

Critical Acclaim:

“The Hurt” has garnered critical acclaim, earning the prestigious title of The Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year in December 2020. Renowned sports journalists, including Robert Kitson and Don McRae, commend Hartley’s candid portrayal of his tumultuous rugby career, emphasizing its relevance to anyone passionate about the game. Kitson lauds Hartley’s journey, noting the myriad twists and turns that punctuate his professional rugby career.


In addition, “The Hurt,” Dylan Hartley offers readers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the world of rugby, highlighting its physical demands and the toll it exacts on players’ mental health. Furthermore, this compelling narrative is a must-read for rugby enthusiasts and sports fans alike, offering profound insights into the sacrifices and challenges faced by elite athletes.

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