Rugby League Warrington Wolves Book


“Warrington Rugby League Football Club 100 Greats” by Gary Slater is a must-read for fans of the Warrington Wolves Rugby League. This book delves into the history of the club and celebrates the top 100 players who have donned the primrose and blue jersey since 1895. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive look at the achievements and contributions of these legendary players.

Historical Significance for Rugby League

The Warrington Wolves Rugby League team has a rich history. Founded in 1895, the club has seen over 1,000 players represent its colors. This book pays tribute to the most influential and celebrated figures in the club’s history. Moreover, it highlights the evolution of the team and its impact on the sport.

Key Players for Warrington

The book meticulously profiles each of the 100 greats. Furthermore, it includes insights from readers of the Warrington Guardian newspaper, adding a personal touch to the stories of these iconic players. Consequently, readers gain a deeper understanding of the dedication and skill required to excel in the Warrington Wolves Rugby League.

Memorable Moments

In addition to player profiles, the book recounts memorable moments and significant matches. These anecdotes bring to life the passion and excitement of the Warrington Wolves Rugby League. Moreover, they underscore the club’s enduring legacy in the sport.

Contributions to Rugby League

The impact of the Warrington Wolves RL extends beyond individual achievements. The book explores the club’s contributions to the broader rugby league community. Additionally, it sheds light on the club’s role in promoting the sport and nurturing talent over the decades.

A Must-Read for Wolves Fans

For fans of the Warrington Wolves RL, this book is an essential addition to their collection. It provides a detailed and engaging look at the club’s history and its greatest players. Moreover, it serves as a testament to the enduring spirit and legacy of the Warrington Wolves.

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Where to Buy?

“Warrington Rugby League Football Club 100 Greats” by Gary Slater is available for purchase on Amazon. This paperback edition, released on 1 April 2002, is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Warrington RL. Get your copy today and dive into the fascinating world of rugby league legends.

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